Teaching Resources

These tours can be used in classes as out of class assignments or in-class activities.

Instructors have used the Giving Voice tours in conjunction with the novel The Lowland and “Brotherly Love” by Jhumpa Lahiri. You might also consider pairing the tour at URI with Lahiri’s essay “Rhode Island” in State by State: A Panoramic Portrait of America edited by Matt Weitland & Sean Wilsey.

Instructors have used the tours to discuss place-based storytelling, memoir, place in stories, oral histories, immigration, diversity, inclusion, among other topics. Many students commented on being interested in the historical aspects of the tours. While the tours are sourced from a fictional work, much of the plot and locations are drawn on true material.

You can find a list of the quotes used in the URI tour here and the Kolkata tour here.  Students have reported preferring being able to read the quotes in addition to hearing the audio.

Selected student feedback:

“Overall, this tour is something that everyone should be required to go on at least once because it again is a very eye-opening experience”

“I loved the interactive experience as you got to see the places where the story took place and learn the history behind them.”

“It was interesting to see places in a book come to life.”

“The walk was very interesting because being in the place being narrated on campus made the story more vivid and able to picture.”

“It gave great insight into the lives of someone culturally different”

Overall student feedback was positive. 67% noted a positive experience, whether that was mild interest or enthusiasm. Only 6% said they had a negative experience, often due to the weather or walking.

If you would like to set up Giving Voice: A URI Experience as an event at the URI Kingston Campus, please contact Catherine Winters at winters_ca@uri.edu.