A URI Experience

This tour is based on The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri, a work of fiction that takes place partly at the University of Rhode Island. Lahiri’s second novel tells the story of Gauri and brothers Subhash and Udayan. Gauri and Udayan fall in love while Subhash is in the U.S. for graduate school. After Udayan is killed by the police, Subhash proposes to a pregnant Gauri to help her to keep custody of her child. The newly married couple returns to the University of Rhode Island, where feelings of uncertainty, alienation, and indifference plague Gauri.
During this tour, you will be able to hear Gauri as she struggles with beginning a new life in a new country. It is our hope that this experience will give voice to others who feel out of place in our community.

Giving Voice URI Map

There are eight passages in this tour. It is strongly suggested you listen to each clip at its location.
The suggested order, which follows the order of the novel, starts at Hillside Hall. From there, go to the Post office on Briar Lane by walking along Campus Ave.
Then walk to Memorial Union, following the footpath off Upper College Rd. Continue to the Library and then return to Memorial Union. Walk past the Quad to Edwards Hall, and then return to Hillside via Campus Avenue.

You can get directions here or access the whole tour through GeoTourist.

This project was made possible through a grant from the URI Center for the Humanities.
All excerpts come from the hardcover edition published in 2013 by Knopf.